Perzen Patel

Perzen Patel

Eat, Feed, Travel, Write, Repeat.

Bawi and a food-lover since birth, Perzen is Mumbai's Bawi Bride dishing out delicious Parsi food. When she is not cooking, she writes about food, travel, restaurants and startups.

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Game of Custards

Lagan Nu Custard vs Caramel Custard - which custard wins as we approach Parsi New Year?

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Innovation on my plate

In a bid to retain customer curiosity and create a buzz restaurants are continuously innovating. Is this working or not?

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The Parsi Food You Won't Find At A Restaurant | Little Black Book ...

Give the Dhansak and Patra ni Machchi a skip and try these Parsi treats you won't find in a restaurant

 dsc0015 article

Living The Village Life In Rayri Kinara - India Food Network

My experience of spending 48 hours in a small village called Adgaon on the Konkan Coast

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Getting Your Parsi Fix At Grant Road - India Food Network

Mainly a residential area, GrantRoad is a food hub for Parsi food and here's how you can get your fix of Parsi treats there. .

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The nose knows - Mint Lounge

Noodle soup, faux eggs and the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant in Hong Kong - a glimpse of my HK Food Sojourn

Red curry 300x225 article

Happiness is a bowl of Prawn Curry

Memories of growing up with Prawn Curry and why for many Parsis happiness is always equated to this dish.

Ghee roast article

24 Hours of Food in Coimbatore

Discovering Coimbatore's gastronomic delights in a day!

Dar ni pori article

5 Parsi Sweet Treats You May Not Have Heard Of

Sure you've heard of the Parsi Custard but have you tried the Dar ni Pori? Or our Ravo? Here's 5 Parsi Sweet Treats you must try!

Img 3966 article

How I Fell In Love With Vasanu | India Food Network

Dark in colour and gritty in texture, the Parsi winter delight, Vasanu can sometimes be hard to fall in love with at first sight.

Screen shot 2015 11 16 at 9.08.47 am article

A Khandeshi Sojourn in Nashik - Go Chase Life

I love visiting places that are known for a certain produce or product and this time I spent a weekend exploring Khandeshi food in Nashik

Img 3355 article

The Russian Connection

Why is the Parsi root vegetable salad of potatoes, carrots and peas called the Russian Salad? What is the connection?

Img 1660 article

10 Novelties To Look Out For In The Markets Of Guangzhou | Huffington Post

The markets of Guangzhou are filled with a range of novelties and are a must visit. Here's 10 worth spotting!

Img 1905 article

MongKok, Hong Kong's Food Paradise

A tale of me discovering that MongKok in Hong Kong has much more to offer than the Ladies Market!

Img 2634 article

Akoori's Evil Twin - Anda Bhurji

For the uninitiated Akoori and Anda Bhurji would be twins. But the reality is that the Anda Bhurji is the evil twin!